You probably already know and feel this but let us remind you, clutter in your home can contribute to the feeling of anxiety and depression. There is a study by UCLA establishing the link between the two and it is strong, especially in women. All those items you’re collecting or just haven’t mustered the will to throw away are in the way of feeling your most zen self at home. Maybe you are already planning on doing something about it but are unsure where to begin. It can be hard to begin but once you start and see the benefits of it e.g more space and also order, there will be no stopping you.

We have compiled a list of things you can start with on your mission to a clutter free home and why not, life.

1. Piles of magazines.

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That’s an easy one to start with. If your collection of magazines is outgrowing its designated space, it’s time to toss. No, you won’t need to check on a specific Vogue edition from July 2010 one day.